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How Can I Keep My Thyroid In Check While I'm Pregnant?


In this article, we are going to track down how pregnancy can be influenced by the thyroid. Just knock on the door of a gynecologist for better advice regarding the best treatment & health care which can help control thyroid during pregnancy.

What & Where is the thyroid gland?
The thyroid gland is a small organ of the body that is located in the neck region of a person. The secretion of T3 and T4 hormones occur in this neck region. The brain sends the signals to the glands, which releases Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.

Types of Thyroid Issues:


When the secretion of T3 and T4 hormones occurs more than usual from the thyroid glands, it accelerates your body’s metabolism. Hyperthyroidism is a rare kind of problem that is found in the female that isn’t that commonly found in the women. But you need to take care of it because it is a quite risky problem that you can face in your life.

• Thinning hair & hair loss
• Irregular heartbeat
• Weight loss
• Puffy face
• Fatigue or muscle weakness
• Irregular menstruation
• Diarrhea or more frequent bowel movements


It is a condition When the secretion of T3 and T4 occurs less than usual from the thyroids glands. It occurs to those people who have iron deficiency. Many factors also involve hypothyroidism, including your stressful lifestyle.

• Fatigue
• Hair loss
• Constipation
• Sore muscles and joints
• Menstrual changes

Do thyroid and pregnancy have a connection?

Yes, it has! When you are pregnant, doctors do certain regular check-ups to keep updated on your health & baby's health conditions. It also involves a thyroid check-up; the thyroid affects your baby’s health. There are some cases in which the mother looks completely healthy even though she has been diagnosed with thyroid but she doesn’t show any symptoms of thyroids.

Following are some of the major health issues that the mother and baby could face due to the presence of thyroid during pregnancy:
• A condition that begins mainly after twenty weeks of pregnancy and ends after the lady gives birth is known as Gestational hypertension.
• Lack of red blood cells, leading to oxygen traveling issues across the body.
• Placental abruption
• Baby's low birth weight
• Intellectual disabilities, dwarfism, etc type are the issues that are having a direct connection with hypothyroidism and can be witnessed in babies.
• Stillbirth or miscarriage

Various ways to control thyroid during pregnancy:

Along with the medicines prescribed by your doctor, you need to manage a healthy lifestyle, you will have to bring some significant changes in your overall lifestyle too.
Let’s start!
Note: The ground reality of thyroid can be a lot different, because of that you need to do extra care to control thyroid during pregnancy.

Include exercise in your daily routine. make sure you do your exercise daily. If you are not exercising you are making the biggest mistake of your life. Exercising is not always doing tough physical exercises, it includes doing 30 minutes of walking and yoga and some other activities also. In that condition, we highly recommend you to visit a well-experienced gynecologist, as they will be able to guide you to get a better diagnosis and guide you about the same. You need to add items like green tea, salads (cucumber & carrot) in your daily diet, and if you are a non-vegetarian, you can also consume two eggs in a day. Also, try to avoid broccoli and cabbage, consuming these increases your thyroid gland production.

When it comes to taking supplements, you should always consult with your gynecologist before taking them. Though, in the market, there are various certain types of supplements that are available that you can take without a doctor’s prescription, including Cord liver oil capsules, chia seeds, primrose oil, etc.


There have been cases where a woman was discovered to be suffering from regular pregnancy-related concerns, and upon diagnosis or just regular examinations, she was discovered to be suffering from thyroid disease. Surprisingly, there were almost no symptoms in these individuals. So, to make sure your hormone levels are not imbalanced, see a gynecologist frequently during your pregnancy. Other than that, the above guidelines will be a good start to control the thyroid during your pregnancy. For a healthy pregnancy, you need to consider regular basis checkups with a well-experienced gynecologist. If you live in Jaipur or near it and are facing thyroid issues during Pregnancy then you should definitely consult with a Gynecologist in Jaipur.

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