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Everything You Have to Know About High-Risk Pregnancy


Having a baby is generally a natural action. When your due date gets near you get admitted to the hospital and deliver a healthy baby. However, pregnancy is not always an even sail. The moment you realize that it won’t be that easy for you, your whole world would start to shatter altogether. High-risk pregnancy rates are hiking up these days, especially among the urban population due to their lifestyles and health-related issues. This is a frightening state wherein your health can be highly affected and can be life-threatening at times. For a high-risk pregnancy, probable risks may affect the health of the mother, baby, or both.

It would be ideal and safe for you to get expert guidance when you are categorized under high-risk pregnancy. After all, you favor the simplest treatment for both mother and baby.

Pregnancy risk varies in several women supporting many factors. For some women, the danger of pregnancy would be higher by the flow of time. Whereas in some cases, the complications of high risk would be visible even before they got pregnant. All individual pregnancy risk factors vary and ideally.

Screening Of High-Risk Pregnancy Includes


Some risk factors are present before women become pregnant. These risk factors include Physical and Social characteristics of women, problems that have occurred in the previous frequency and certain disorders women already have.

Reproductive History

Provide a clue about risk is subsequent frequency.
● Previous still birth, neonatal death
● Previous two or more abortion
● Previous preterm labor and IUGR
● Previous Caesarean section
● Previous Eclampsia

Medical disorders Before Pregnancy

● Hypertension
● Heart disease
● Diabetes
● Blood disorders
● Anemia
● Epilepsy
● Genetic disorders

Previous Gynecological Surgery

● Myomectomy
● Operation of uterine prolapse
● Repair of complete perineal tear

Family History

Socio-economic status-Patient belonging to low socio-economic status have a higher incidence of anemia, preterm labor, growth retatred baby. Family history of diabetes, Hypertension, Diabetes, Multiple pregnancy, and congenital malfunction.

Some complication that may occur during the pregnancy:

Maternal condition developing during pregnancy

● Post-dated pregnancy
● Preterm labor
● Threatened abortion, infection
● Severe anemia
● Gestational diabetes

Fetal Complication

● Fetal infection
● Persistent cyanosis
● Hypoglycemia
● Neonatal Jaundice
● RDS (respiratory distress syndrome)
● Convulsion

When properly managed, high-risk pregnancies can often result in a healthy mother and infant. However, if you are looking for a medical professional who is extra vigilant in performing appropriate testing and managing women with high-risk pregnancies. Contact the Best Gynecologist in Jaipur and get a consultation today.

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