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Dizziness During Pregnancy

dizziness in pregnancy

In early pregnancy, the very common symptom is fainting which increases the risk of pregnancy complications like preterm birth and congenital abnormalities and after the pregnancy, there may be a cardiac problem. In this stage, many more hormones were developed, and due to the increase of hormones blood vessels dilate which leads to mild headaches. This problem may worsen as the pregnancy progresses. During the changes in your body, blood sugar level also changes which also becomes the cause of dizziness during pregnancy. It is very common to feel dizzy as the level of progesterone hormone increases during pregnancy. And also the main cause of this condition is that it changes the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide that the body absorbs which ultimately causes dizziness. At the end of the second trimester, the body makes and uses insulin which causes gestational diabetes which makes women feel dizzy. There are various other factors that cause dizziness which include hormonal shifts, hunger, and problems with the heart or blood vessels. It also occurs after your pregnancy. It occurs when you lie on your back, allowing the weight of your baby to press on a vena cava.

Ways to treat dizziness during Pregnancy:

• Practice mindful breathing
• Maintain a healthy weight diet
• Take breaks from activities that cause you extra strain

Be Patient, try not to get frustrated by the lack of progress, and believe that your body is changing gradually and needs time to adapt.

These tips can help to decrease the number of lightheaded moments and dizzy spells during pregnancy. Dizziness is the most common issue during pregnancy and after the pregnancy which increases the risk of injury to the woman and baby so it is very important to discuss these potential causes and symptoms with your doctor. If you feel dizzy, it is important to seek medical attention immediately since this may be a sign of a serious condition like a blood clot or stroke and could lead to organ damage if not taken care of right away. Therefore, every symptom gives you important information about the health of the woman and baby. In some situations, dizziness can point to an underlying problem, so it is important to keep a doctor informed about these symptoms and any other health issues that arise. If you are looking for a Gynecologist in Jaipur you can consult with Dr.Sangeeta Mehrada without any doubt.

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