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Cesarean Delivery in Jaipur

Dr. Sangeeta Mehrada has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Cesarean Delivery or C-Sec Delivery is never the first choice for gynaecologists in order to bring your baby into this world. Caesarean Delivery means that the Gynaecologist will give an incision on your abdomen to reach the uterus. The reasons for the Caesarean delivery are both medical and non-medical. Some of the mothers who do not want to go into labour pain opt for c-sec delivery. Some families believe in auspicious timing for the birth of the baby and they also push for Caesarean delivery. However mostly it is the medical reasons which play a crucial role in deciding the type of the delivery. One of the most important medical reasons is the breech position of the baby or the loops of umbilical cord around the neck of the baby. Other medical reasons are heavier baby weight, mother’s small pelvis, chronic conditions of the mother, multiple babies, prolonged labour, foetal distress etc.

Dr. Sangeeta Mehrada is a renowned gynecologist in Jaipur. She has been championing the cause of normal delivery in her entire career spanning more than 10 years. This is the reason that more than 70% of the babies delivered by her have been born through normal delivery.

After discharge from the hospital you will have to take adequate rest at home so that the stitches can heal quickly. After 15 days you can start normal daily routine work without doing any strenuous activity for another 15 days. You would have to visit the clinic on follow-up after 7 days from the date of discharge. You should keep your doctor informed if there is any problem like severe pain in the abdomen.

Best Maternity Doctor & Gynaecologist in Jaipur Dr. Sangeeta Mehrada

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- Dr. Sangeeta Mehrada

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