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Cesarean delivery - Why It’s Done?

Cesarean Delivery

There are some cases in which delivery must take place immediately because of the presence of a threatening condition for the maternal or fetal health issue. Cesarean section (C Section) is the birth of a baby through a surgical incision in the abdomen. Caesarean may be scheduled in advance, or it can happen after the labor begins. If an emergency C-section takes longer than 5 to 30 minutes to perform (depending on the circumstances) or if doctors prolong labor for longer that is reasonable. It increases the risk of birth injury immediate C-section delivery is often necessary.

There are standards laid out for when this happens, and doctors must follow these standards:

● Failure to Progress in Labor- is one of the most important reasons for a c-section delivery. Even the contractions last for hours the cervix opening is not enough to deliver a baby
● Fetal Distress- if your fetal heartbeats are changing then c section might be the best option
● Cord Prolapses- when the umbilical cord slips through your cervix ahead of your baby. Then c-section is recommended
● Previous Caesarean Delivery- cesarean is recommended you depending upon the condition of the type of uterine incision
● Health Condition- cesarean is recommended when you have severe health issues or infections.
● Placental Abruption- It occurs when the placenta separates from the uterus inner lining partial or complete in that case c-section recommended
● Uterine Rupture- C- section might be recommended when the wall of the uterus breaks during pregnancy or childbirth.

Benefits of having C-Section:

● Less pain during childbirth
● Reduce the chances of vaginal injury
● Reduction of bladder control loss

Risks of having C-Section:

● Infections chances in the womb or wound
● Longer recovery period
● Heavy bleeding which requires transfusion

Some women want to deliver the baby by C-sections to avoid labor and complications of vaginal birth and some want to deliver the baby naturally. However, doing multiple C-sections increases the placental problems as well as having heavy bleeding because of that Hysterectomy might require in that condition. If you’re planning for a C-Section to deliver your child, you can consult with an experienced Gynecologist in Jaipur and make the best choice for your baby and you.

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