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Can You Get Pregnant With Pcos?

Pregnancy and PCOS

Having PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. PCOS is one of the causes of infertility in women but it is treatable. PCOS leads to missed or irregular periods. It is a hormonal imbalance that interferes with the growth and release of eggs from the ovaries.

Many women have issues in pregnancy because PCOS is left untreated. This count is often bigger in reality, as around 50% of women don’t know that they have this condition. Since you’ve got PCOS, it doesn’t mean you’re infertile. You may search for additional help because it is often more complicated. You can do several things to put a stop to PCOS symptoms and keep a record of your pregnancy status with a pregnancy calendar.

There are some steps to make sure a healthy pregnancy and overcome PCOS –

Get your BMI and Weight Checked at the doctor’s clinic – The Body Mass Index (BMI) helps you make sure of a healthy weight and the fat composition in your body. Ask your doctor for some tips to reduce weight before getting pregnant.

Exercise and diet – Make a habit of taking a healthy diet and workout plan and lead to achieve an active healthy lifestyle.

Use an ovulation calendar to trace your period – In This way, you can easily get an idea about the good days of the month for getting pregnant.

Keep marks of your blood glucose levels – You need to manage your blood glucose levels because managing your glucose level helps you to get pregnant. It also leads to a healthy pregnancy, and it also improves the health of your baby.

How Likely are you able to Get Pregnant with PCOS?

All you need to do is medications for treatment to get pregnant with this problem. According to a medical study, the drug “clomiphene citrate” has helped around 80% of women to ovulate successfully with PCOS. Approximately 50% of those women achieved natural pregnancy in 6 months. You might go possibly through IVF treatment if medications don’t work. About 20% to 40% of women are more likely to get pregnant with PCOS through this treatment. Women who are overweight and are above 35 years old are less likely to get pregnant.

As there is no certain cure for PCOS You might need to manage your blood glucose levels, have a healthy weight, and treat other symptoms of PCOS to get pregnant. Sometimes, fertility medications alone won’t help. Other fertility treatments could also be recommended to extend your chances. Beat all, you shouldn’t lose hope. Contact the Gynecologist in Jaipur and get a consultation today.

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